I have been a tattoo artist for two years now and Im getting pretty good at it. My dad tought me how to draw and to clean up after a tattoo. I have made this blog page for school, we have to make a blog about our passion. Here is a little bit about myself,

Hey Im Allira,

Im 13 years old and I live in Australia, Im a tattoo artist and Im training to be profesional. My friends are really good at drawing and everytime I tell them to be a tattoo artist they always say they are afraid of needles. My dream place to live in is America and I want to own my own shop there. Other things about me is I like photography, I love taking random pictures of my friends and nature. My favourite subject in school is History and Art, I dont like Drama because Im a very shy person. I cant wait till Christmas I dont know why I just do. I have a cat, dog, guinea pig and 3 fish. My Dad and Kat Von D are my insperation.